BMA’s Safe Working Guidance 




The practice will be implementing the BMA’s Safe Working Guidance over the next 3 months.

This will mean the number of patients contacts each General Practitioner will complete over a working day will be reduced.

These changes are designed to create a safer working environment for you, our patients, who are our priority and also for our clinical team.

Recent surveys have shown GPs across the nation are facing an unmanageable workload, which at times is affecting their ability to provide safe care. General Practitioners are having to cope with this situation by having to reduce their NHS commitments, retiring early, or deciding to leave the profession altogether. This is an unsustainable situation which must be addressed, and the BMA’s Safe Working Guidance is designed to help both you, as a patient, to receive better care, and your GP to provide it.

You will also continue to receive care from other clinical colleagues working at the practice. You may also be asked, depending on your medical symptoms, to contact NHS 111 or attend other local NHS services.